What is the YPSI 24-Hour Film Shootout?

The YPSI 24-Hour Film Shootout (YPSI 24) is a 24-hour filmmaking competition in which registered filmmakers have 24 hours to complete a short movie.

Who can register for the competition?

YPSI 24 is open to anyone 18 years old and above. Younger people can participate as team members or actors, but can not participate as a team captain.

Is there a registration fee?

The entry fee is $25.

What kind of films are accepted?

There are no restrictions to what type of film you can produce.  Narrative, Documentary,  Experimental, or any other. Genres are acceptable. Any film deemed overtly offensive or inappropriate may be denied a public screening and disqualified from awards.

Can I use pre-made material?

All films should be shot within the 24 hour period. However there are exceptions made for certain types of content. For example you can use pre-made music, sound effects, or other abstract elements for visual effects. However the majority of the work must be produced within the 24-hour time frame.

What about animation?

There is no restriction regarding the type of film that is accepted and this is true of animation. Some pre-made models and assets are acceptable. However, if you want to make an entirely animated film, it is suggested that you provide a screen recording of your work (especially for 3D or motion graphics) to help verify that your work was produced in the 24-hour time frame. This will help clarify what is pre-made and what is original content for the film.  Look for screen capture software that will record 1-2fps, or use a time-lapse recording like a GoPro to document your filmmaking process throughout the night/day.

How long can my film be?

Films must be between 4-7 minutes long, including credits.  No shorter and no longer!  Films that violate this rule may be disqualified from awards, but may still be shown at the screening.

Are awards given?

Yes! Winning contestants are eligible for cash prize packages. See the full list of past awards HERE.

How are awards determined?

An independent panel of judges determines the winning films.  The judges look for original and creative work…production quality, including Concept, Cinematography, Sound Design, and Editing are important factors when selecting the award winners. Creative and original use of the required ingredients are given high marks especially when they are included as meaningful to a story with a solid structure that follows to the end of a film.  Judges also verify that an entry contains all the required elements and falls within the running time restrictions.

When is the event?

The YPSI 24 Shootout is usually held in Late September or Early October. The public screening is the weekend following the event and is open to the public. The event went on hiatus in 2017.

Where is the event being held?

For the past 3 years, YPSI 24 films have screened at Towsley Auditorium at Washtenaw Community College. 

When does registration begin?

The event has been on hiatus during 2017. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for news and updates on the YPSI 24 and related events!

Do I need to participate to view the films?

No, it is not required to participate in the Shootout to attend the screening.

Who is the organizer of YPSI 24?

The YPSI 24-Hour Film Shootout is presented by YPSI 24 LLC, a producer of media events and productions based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The Organizer and Director of the event is Mark Ducker,  Executive Director of YPSI 24 LLC.